Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I love Paris in the fall...

Date: 10.10.13
People: Myself, flying solo.
Location: Orland-Sacramento-Dallas/Fort-Worth-Paris
Purpose: To pursue a business possibility. (True story)

Business venture? Say what?! 


It started out as one of those things where you wonder, “I love what I found that one trip!  I wonder if others would love this stuff as much as I do?”  August rolled around and after meeting a few times with my now good friend/business partner, Kirsten, the idea of my beloved Parisian-found boots and scarves was tormenting my thoughts. 

And that did it.

Pray. Ticket bought. Boss notified. Seven days (including travel!) planned. Pray.  Passport hunted down. Navigo pass researched (again).  Maps charted.  Stores targeted.  Pray!! 

Best case scenario: I find a million beautiful boots and scarves and have to purchase extra check-in bags to transport my precious cargo. (Yeah! More leather luggage!)

Worst case scenario: There’s nothing. My wondrous finds of 2011 were one chance in a million meant for Tanya alone to enjoy.

Honestly, I was expecting  the worst case scenario.  In that world, I would be bummed that I couldn’t use “business” as an excuse to see my best friends but still, umm hello?! I’m in Paris with a few of my best friends!  Then instead of checking that little box where it says ’business’, I would check the one below that said ‘pleasure’.  Oh well.

Some more praying.  “Lord, please make it obvious whether this is something feasible or utterly ridiculous.”

Ready. Set. Go!

And by His grace, it was a worthy venture.  The boots were just as fantastic as the ones I own and rock every winter because excellent leather is always legit.  And ahhhh the scarves!!!  I want to keep them all for I am a scarf hoarder… yes.  There are a few of us out there.  I may be convinced to part with them if you will love them as much as I do…


1) Le Louvre.

Finally, I was able to visit this amazing PALACE! Yes.  I want to return for the lone purpose of allowing my imagination run off with the history of its structure—whether it be accurate, legend, or yet to be imagined—and  all the incredible stories that have occurred upon its immaculate floors, between those impressive columns, in those incredible doorways.  The art is exquisite of course but the building! Ah the building itself!  If you are blessed with the opportunity to visit this landmark, please, remember someone LIVED in this house.  Yes, house.  Or palace. Toe-may-toe, toe-mah-toe…  : )

Remember...this was someone's house...
A painting of a gallery of paintings

My favorite...the completely open sculpture courtyards

Hammurabi's Code

I've never seen a picture like this.  I love it.

2) Ten Belles

Check out this legit coffee shop run by two British men and a lady chef. (TenBelles)

Our conversation..
Me: “Bonjour.”
Him: “Bonjour.”
Me: “Parle vous Anglais?”
Him: “Very well.  But you should order in French anyway.”
Me: “Uh”…confused…”Je voudrais un cappuccino, si vous plait?” Turning red.
Him: “Oui. Well done.  Have a seat, I’ll bring it to you when its ready.”
On my way out….
Same guy and chef lady vetoing each other’s choices of music with her ipod.
Him: “What band do you suggest?”
Me: “Uhhh… Mumford & Sons?”
Both: Just stare at me. And veto by not asking for my opinion again.

So embarrassed by my utter American-ness displayed at this location.  Epic fail at blending in with the natives this round…

Bastille.  Bastille would’ve been the better response…dang it.

3) Angelina

Sigh. Always my favorite.  Chocolate never fails.  It was the perfect location to grab lunch and complete my Precepts homework. 

4) Sacre Coure/Montmartre

Attack by the bracelet men.  Note: say a FIRM “no” and speed walk past.  If you’ve been there, you know exactly what I am talking about; if you have not, just wait.  You will understand.

Looking down upon Paris.

Looking up the hill.

5) Tour Eiffel

Ventured out for the sighting of its sparkling beauty upon the hour, every hour after dark.

Paris will always have part of my heart, especially as it is my best friends’ home for the time being.  I thank God for these opportunities to visit them and may He see fit to allow me to visit them many more times wherever that may be! 

To see more of my friends’ awesome adventures check out whatupswags!

Au revoir! Until the next adventure….


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